Founder of Lahd Gallery is Distinguished Honouree of the UN Millennium Development Goals 2015 Progress Award

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We are pleased to announce that H.H Dr. Nauf Albendar, Founder of the Lahd Gallery was nominated on the 17th of June as the Distinguished Honouree of the 2015 Progress Award, presented by Voices of African Mothers, in association with the UN Millennium Development Goals.

As her first non-scientific public speech without notes, H.H chose to have the video of her speech uncut with laughter, blank moments and cheers.

About the Millennium Development Goals

The United Nations Millennium Campaign was started in 2002, with the aim of achieving 8 goals by 2015. These became known as the Millennium Development Goals and these can be viewed at

All the world’s countries and leading development institutions agreed to the blueprint of these goals, in support of meeting the needs of the worlds’ poorest people and nations. The Millennium Development Goals Progress Awards was set up as a continuation of the UN’s efforts to acknowledge key leaders in the movement towards a better world and the commitment they have put into meeting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. This year, the award ceremony was hosted by Nana Fosu-Randall and the Voices of African Mothers.


H.H Dr.Nauf AlBendar holding the award with Nana Fosu-Randall

About Mrs. Nana Fosu-Randall

Mrs. Nana Fosu-Randall is Ghanaian and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy and a Masters Degree in finance. After 30 years working in the United Nations, 18 of which as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), she established “Voices of African Mothers”.

The suffering of people (mothers and daughters in particular) witnessed by Nana Fosu-Randall during her time at the UN, is what inspired her to set up Voices of African Mothers. Since leaving the UN, she has continued to support the Millennium Development Goals.


H.E. Representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations in New York, Ambassador Abdallah Y. Al-Mouallimi congratulating H.H Dr. Nauf AlBendar

Voices of African Mothers

The organisation Voices of African Mothers works to build hopeful, sustainable and supportive communities for some of the world’s poorest people. It believes that women’s education and empowerment is the key to developing Africa’s nations and works hard to provide the support and opportunities they need.

VAM isn’t strictly a women’s only organisation. It welcomes men to join in with its activities, encouraging them to adopt the role of protectors and offer support to their wives, mothers, daughters and sisters in order to create a sustainable and empowered community.

Voices of African Mothers plays an active role in supporting and meeting the Millennium Development Goals. This year, the organisation hosted the Progress Awards, announcing HH Dr. Nauf Bendar Al Saud, as their distinguished honouree, for her work with female artists since 2005.


H.H Dr. Nauf Albendar in front of Sphere Within Sphere (Sfera con sfera) by Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro

The award comes just as Lahd Gallery celebrates its 10th Anniversary this October. The journey has been challenging but we are extremely pleased with our achievements, which have included participating in several charitable events and working with some of the world’s most talented MENASA artists. We look forward to seeing what the next ten years holds for our dedicated team of art enthusiasts.


H.H Dr. Nauf AlBendar on her way to the UN headquarters in New York


The Saudi Mission to the UN with H.H Dr. Nauf AlBendar (from left: Mr. Bilal Wilson, H.H Princess Nour Bendar Al Saud, Mr. Mohamad Shaker)


H.H Dr. Nauf AlBendar with Mrs. Nana Fosu-Randall


The Saudi Mission sure can sing back!


H.H Dr. Nauf AlBendar delivering a speech


H.H Dr. Nauf AlBendar receiving a certificate of a special congressional recognition for her outstanding and invaluable service to the community in addition to a proclamation from the senate of the state of New York in recognition of H.H Dr. Nauf AlBendar

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