Suspending Light, 3/9/15 – 6/9/15

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‘Suspending Light’ is the theme of the duo exhibition organised by Lahd Gallery, representing mixed media artist and photographer George H Lewis and Amsterdam-based Rademakers Gallery, representing photographer Annelies Damen.

Suspending light is the art of freezing light at a point of time. Light being the fastest travelling thing on earth, suspending it in time to show a particular perspective on a person, object or scene requires true skill. This is something that artists, George Lewis and Annelies Damen have perfectly mastered in their latest collections. Both artists seek to stop light and reveal the truth in that very moment their pieces were formed.

An expert in both photography and mixed media, Lewis aims to challenge the system by capturing the truth that lies within each individual. His artwork portrays men and women as equals, showing a hidden depth and vulnerability of both sexes. Lewis often refers to his work as focusing on the balance between spirituality and For Immediate Release sexuality, the elements he describes as ‘fundamental to being human.’ Through his work, he seeks to embrace and understand these elements. Within her work, Damen freezes light and focuses in on a particular subject, exposing its true meaning and celebrating both the natural state of the women featured in her work and their chosen surroundings.

With artwork such as Woman of Kashgar, My Wives and I, Scent of Musk and Amber and Ambiguity Embraced, Lewis aims to join those wishing to seek a new global human identity – one that transcends differences whether racial, ethnic, religious or sexual. Through his striking and thought-provoking pieces he aims to celebrate the beauty of difference within cultures. In short, he describes his work as being all about empathy.

This is something that Damen portrays too in her latest collection, Eivissa, which focuses on the island of Ibiza in its true form. Eivissa is the Catalan name for Ibiza and has been used by the artist, who seeks to show a different side to the island, which over the years has become better known for its music and parties than for its natural beauty. This Catalan reference has allowed Damen to re-contextualise Ibiza, by exploring its different natural elements and capturing a contemplative perspective.By suspending light and focusing on simple aesthetics of the natural environment, she is able to show Ibiza as a place of sanctuary and meaning, rather than the noise and chaos it has become known for today.

It could be argued that both Lewis and Damen capture underrepresented elements in their artwork. The women featured in Lewis’ artwork are largely underrepresented in society and fighting for equality. In Damen’s work it is the serenity of the landscape that is largely underrepresented and masked by commercialism. They seek to offer an alternative perspective of a single moment in time, something fresh and full of meaning.

Despite being very different artists, parallels can be drawn between the themes of their work, making them the perfect choice for our upcoming ‘Suspending Light’ exhibition.

The exhibition was on display until the 6th of September.

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