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The doors of MEWS42 Gallery & Magdalena Gabriel Fine Art opened last Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 for a private viewing of selected works by internationally renowned artist and prominent member of the Young British Artists, Damien Hirst. With sponsorship from Maserati and MOTTRA, on view were Hirst’s spectacular artworks and were only exhibited to guests invited by a personal invitation.

Damien Hirst, whose exclusive new artworks are on display at MEWS42 Gallery and can be viewed by appointment, have a challenging approach to ideas regarding death and existence in general.

Through his works, he tries to create awareness about the limitations that divide not only life and death, but also love and hate, fear and desire, as well as faith and reason. Hirst’s hematology is inspired by religion and science, and his paintings and sculptures are characterized by profound intensity and beauty. With impressive vivid colors blended with exquisite style, they give out a sense of sophisticated beauty and offer viewers a chance to dive into the true values and things that really matter in life. Like the artist has said about the four main components of life: love, religion, science, and art, “At their best, they’re all just tools to help you find a path through the darkness. None of them really work that well, but they help. Of them all, science seems to be the one right now. Like religion, it provides the glimmer of hope that maybe it will be all right in the end…”. Damien Hirst has not only dominated the UK art scene during the 1990s, but also enchanted the people of the rest of the world, including the Middle East with his artworks.

Hirst’s first exhibition in the Middle East has been crowned with utmost success. “Relics” that closed on late January, after almost four months at Qatar’s ALRIWAQ Exhibition Space, was viewed by more than 62,000 people, a number of viewers never noticed at ALRIWAQ in the past. Some of the artist’s most significant works, from his 27-year career, were introduced to the Middle East that seems to have warmly embraced “For the Love of God” (2007) with the so much talked about two diamond skulls, “A Thousand Years” (1990), and the great sculpture of a shark, namely “Leviathan” (2006-2013), among others.

Hirst’s presence in the Middle East is intense and always meets people’s appreciation. “The Miraculous Journey”, a series of anatomical $20 million sculptures depicting the chronicles of a foetus from gestation to birth, when unveiled in Doha, Qatar, gained admiration from Qatar’s royal family, local artists and government officials alike. With Hirst’s artwork, the Western art has found acceptance from the most aggressively buying countries, like the Persian Gulf country. What Damien Hirst has managed, is to make the desert a place, where works of art make the world go round.

For more information about the exhibition at MEWS42 Gallery please visit http://www.mews42.com/

Damien Hirst exhibition at Mews42 Gallery

Damien Hirst exhibition at Mews42 Gallery

H.H Dr Nauf AlBendar and Fred Porter

Pictures were taken by David Kerr – http://davidkerrphotographer.wordpress.com/

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