Wadia Boutaba: A Moroccan Art Feast, London, UK, 11/10/2012 – 12/12/2012

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Wadia Boutaba: A Moroccan Art Feast invitation

For the first time, London’s most prestigious venue for Contemporary Middle Eastern Art, Lahd Gallery brings to you their latest forthcoming exhibition, of works by UK based Moroccan artist Wadia Boutaba. Born in England to Moroccan parents originally from Nador, north of Morocco, her “full of colour” paintings depict her roots and represent the diversity and uniqueness of the Moroccan culture. Although born in the UK she likes to call herself the “Moroccan Artist”, the name by which she is best known in the artistic scene.

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Irini Gonou: A Tale of Two Cultures, London, UK, 31/5/2012 – 18/7/2012

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Irini Gonou: A Tale of Two Cultures invitation

Lahd Gallery is proud to present to you the Arabic influenced Greek artist Irini Gonou in A Tale of Two Cultures. Using her teaching from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and Ecole des Arts Décoratifs of Paris, Gonou uses sculpture to portray her research in world culture, and the way in which she explores it. This unique exhibition is an art quest which seeks to address and explore the healing and protective power of the written word as a specific cultural idiom and takes the form of a dialogue between the Greek and Arabic cultures. Using entirely natural materials such as textiles, fired clay, reeds, leaves, seed pods, eucalyptus bark and linen twine, Gonou makes her interpretations of amulets and clothing, magic bowls and talismanic objects whose poetry evoke a new magical language or realm of “written protection”.

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Khaled Akil: The Unmentioned, London, UK, 12/1/2012 – 7/3/2012

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Khaled Akil: The Unmentioned invitation

Lahd Gallery is proud to announce the premiere of Khaled Akil: The Unmentioned, its latest exhibition exploring the social, political, sexual and religious issues facing Syria. Running for eight weeks from 12th January 2012, Khaled Akil: The Unmentioned is an exciting collection of the Syrian artist’s unique hybrid of photography and paint techniques. The final product is a digital image made up of layers of ancient religious Arabic scripts and symbols combined with photography depicting Akil’s take on the challenges in Middle Eastern society currently.

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Arabic Calligraphy: The Art of The Written Word, London, UK, 20/10/2011 – 14/12/2011

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Arabic Calligraphy: The Art of The Written Word invitation

Lahd Gallery is proud to announce its first calligraphic art exhibition featuring several artists from around the world. Launching on 20th October 2011, this exhibition will trace the art of calligraphy to its historical origins and explore how it has developed into an exacting craft of high aesthetic sensibility. The participating artists come from varied and diverse backgrounds: Tunisia-born Abdallah Akar and Julien Breton, both from France, Madny Al Bakry from Oman, Shukor Yahya from Malaysia, Hamid Nasir from Pakistan and India-born Said Adrus residing in the UK.

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Hamad & Ali: Pop Icons, London, UK, 26/5/2011 – 7/7/2011

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Hamad & Ali: Pop Icons invitation

Lahd Gallery is proud to announce the premier of our first pop art exhibition featuring a Kuwaiti Pop art duo, Hamad Al Saab and Ali Sultan. Presenting the Arab culture and history through their own contemporary vision, both Hamad & Ali believe that although pop icons around the world have transcended their time to become symbols of popular heritage and national pride, their works will reflect Arab culture in a modern and internationally accessible way.

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Rediscovering Sudan, London, UK, 14/4/2011 – 25/5/2011

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Rediscovering Sudan invitation

Lahd Gallery is proud to present Rediscovering Sudan, a group exhibition of Sudanese artists whose art reflects the complexity of contemporary Sudanese society. The richness of contemporary Sudanese art is evident in its diversity and this entire Sudanese heritage, past and present, forms the base on which contemporary art is developed. It is this unique characteristic that makes Sudanese art stand out from the different African art schools.

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Shurooq Amin: Shot! The Untold Truth of Society Girls, London, UK 3/3/2011 – 13/4/2011

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Shot! The Untold Truth of Society Girls invitation

Lahd Gallery presents Shurooq Amin: SHOT! The Untold Truth of Society Girls, a recent collection of paintings by Kuwaiti artist Shurooq Amin, underlining the fabric of modern Arabian Gulf society. Unperturbed by the inherent societal restrictions, she goes on to strip the façade and reveal the hidden lives of society girls in Kuwait. The paintings depict the girls in an embellished state, revealing themselves, while always denominated by the polarity of the East and West.

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An Istanbul Legacy, London, UK, 20/1/2011 – 2/3/2011

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An Istanbul Legacy invitation

Lahd Gallery presents An Istanbul Legacy, a group exhibition featuring an exquisite selection of artworks from three leading contemporary Turkish artists. This diverse exhibition will explore the art and culture of Turkey incorporating many different aspects of artistic traditions. Art works by distinguished artists Guido Casaretto, Ugur Caki and Bedri Baykam will be shown, which will be aimed at provoking interest amongst varied audiences through the diversity of their individual styles.

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The Gulf Re-Veiled, London, UK, 21/10/2010 – 01/12/2010

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The Gulf Re-Veiled invitation

Lahd Gallery presents The Gulf Re-Veiled, the first group exhibition of women artists whose art relates to the society and culture of the Gulf, including Shurooq Amin (Kuwait), Tagreed Al Bagshi (Saudi Arabia), Nabeela Al Khayer (Bahrain), Hind Bin Demaithan (United Arab Emirates) and Huda Totonji (Saudi Arabia).

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