Agelou Horse Racing Event, 15th June 2013

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You can be as cynical as you like about personalities giving their names to groups and charities but there is no doubt, famous names open doors. So Lahd Gallery was very happy to become involved with The Annual Agelou Horse Racing Charity Event in partnership with Carol Joy London which was staged for the benefit of Not On Our Watch, and was held at Sandown Park race course on 15th June 2013.

The whole concept of Not On Our Watch is an interesting one. The idea of watching is powerful and is a significant motif in art. But the idea of something not being permitted while we are in charge is even more thought-provoking. This is actually the name of a benefit group founded by Jerry Weintraub, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, David Pressman and George Clooney. The charity aims to put an end to mass atrocities. Not only that but the foundation makes a pledge to give a voice to victims and empower them. By asking figures who gain massive exposure Not On Our Watch aims to make people sit up and listen wherever they happen to be across the world. Therefore the foundation targets mass media coverage and the international press in an effort to make governments take note. The vulnerable, the marginalised and the displaced will be given a voice and the funds raised will help with emergency projects aimed to save lives.

Lahd Gallery was proud to be a sponsor of this event, by offering artworks of our artists to support this charitable cause. This is part of the gallery’s philosophy and we strive to help having also worked with Marie Curie Cancer Care in 2012.

As June approached we were very excited by the race day and charity event. Founder of Lahd Gallery HH Dr Nauf Al Bendar Al Saud, Jerry Weintraub and celebrities such Ben Miller and Lady Victoria Hervey were there too. But unfortunately, although we hate to moan, like many other luxury brands that attended and donated, there were no show rooms or main auctioneer to benefit the charity. We were a little saddened the goods were not even displayed. This was an opportunity missed we feel. In spite of the event being supported by high profile people it wasn’t terribly well organised and the seats were not appropriately adequate. It is such a pity that with so much backing, interest and real passion for the cause, the organisers couldn’t really capitalise on all the enthusiasm generated.

Saying that, we loved Laura Wright who sang on the day and also the FeMusa string quartet. We hope there might be something similar in the following years as Sandown is a magnificent venue and the betting on the horses was so exciting. Certainly it could really have been a spectacular day to remember. Still, it did earn some press before the day which is brilliant and the Facebook media set was great too. There are some lessons to be learned, as for every pound earned we know we can make a massive difference for the people who are caught up in these terrible events worldwide. So let’s see a higher profile event next year and always.

albandar_arce victoria_hervey
Founder of Lahd Gallery
H.H Dr Nauf AlBendar
with Countess Laura Arce
Lady Victoria Hervey
Laura Wright Jerry Weintraub
Ben Miller
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